Volkswagen Caddy Mobility

The Volkswagen Caddy Mobility is now available in New Zealand and it brings some big advantages with it!

Volkswagen Caddy Mobility

One of the most important features of the Caddy is the large dimensions of the rear opening. This has proved to be a real advantage for people looking at conversions. In particular, the Caddy is becoming increasingly popular for the transportation of passengers who require a wheelchair.

Access is easy and safe via a gently sloping ramp with straps to prevent the wheelchair from rolling backwards as it enters the vehicle. The wheelchair is then secured via a solid mounting point, and the passenger has their own seatbelt for maximum comfort and safety.

Volkswagen Caddy Mobility Interior
Volkswagen Caddy Mobility Ramp
Volkswagen Caddy Mobility Side
Volkswagen Caddy Mobility Rear

Design and Functionality

The Volkswagen Caddy Mobility has been designed for maximum comfort and usability for all passengers. This vehicle features the benefits of a larger van, while performing and handling more like a car to ensure maximum maneuverability and driving pleasure.

There are high levels of comfort, including for the wheelchair passenger with excellent headroom for all passengers (and even a cup holder for the rear passenger) as well as efficient air-conditioning and heating throughout the cabin. Also, the internal configuration has a closeness so that all occupants can travel and talk with the driver. The Caddy is the perfect multi-system platform.

Key Features and Options

  • 5 seats + wheelchair
  • Bluetooth as standard
  • ESP factory as standard
  • Roof rack prep across the range
  • High torque common rail diesel engines
  • 7-Speed DSG Auto
  • Rear parking sensors as standard
  • Overhead storage compartment in the driving cabin
  • Under seat storage compartments
  • Removable/fold down rear seating
  • Factory standard rubber floor liner in rear deck + load anchor points, carpet in the cabin
  • Extensive paint options, including metallic

Mobility Key Points

The Caddy Mobility comes with easy to operate belt and chair retaining systems as well as a lightweight aluminium fold down mechanical ramp (as seen in the above image). Also, if a wheelchair is not being transported in the space provided, the same space can be used as either a storage area or for transporting mobility scooters.

Volkswagen Caddy Mobility in NZ

Caddy Mobility Pricing and Value

Right now in New Zealand, the Caddy Mobility has no competition as a direct import! It really is in a class of its own. As these vehicles are converted before arrival, the purchase price is lower. A saving that is passed onto the customer. This vehicle will also hold onto its value exceptionally well; providing its owner with better value in the second-hand vehicle market.

Finally, with fuel consumption as low as 5.8L/100km combined, and service intervals of 40,000km or 2 years, the Caddy Mobility is amazingly cost effective to own and operate.

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