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Allen Wang: English and Mandarin

2014 年我很荣幸的加入Miles Continental, 我拥有8年的专业销售经验,之前我做过国际贸易和奶粉销售,在以前的工作中我积累了深厚的销售经验及技巧, 可以胜任不同环境下的挑战。

德国大众汽车是全球最大的汽车制造商,我热爱大众品牌和销售大众品牌汽车,让我告诉您一个秘密: “ 我是大众Golf GTI 的忠实车迷”! 我将以最热情的服务为您提供最全面的车型信息以及购车指南,全方位的指导助您轻松拥有心仪座驾!

我给您的承诺:最优惠的价格, 最热情的服务, 最专业的车型指南。


电话: 03-3777144
手机: 027-9223551
微信: morningallen

In 2014 I was honoured to join Miles Continental. I have eight years of professional sales experience, including in the international dairy trading. Throughout this work I’ve accumulated strong sales experience and negotiation skills.

Volkswagen is one of the world’s largest car manufacturers and I’m immensely proud to work with the Volkswagen brand. Just quietly, I am Volkswagen’s biggest Golf GTI fan!

I am enthusiastic in my work and keen to provide you with comprehensive vehicle information and car buying advice in order to help you find your favourite car.

My promise to you: the best price, the most enthusiastic service, and the most professional car buying experience.

We look forward to working with you!


Tel: 03-3777144
Mobile: 027-9223551
Wechat : morningallen

Allen Wang
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